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We’d love to have you worship with us on a Sunday morning while you enjoy a life-giving message and modern music.

Cranston’s Community Centre

Sundays at 10:30am

In Person & Live Stream

Cranston’s Community Centre Gymnasium

11 Cranarch Road SE
Calgary, Alberta T3M 0S8

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Common Questions

When you enter Century Hall, you’ll be met by one of our greeters. He or she will direct you to where we have service in the gym and point out the coffee station. We have a check in station for kids and we’ll let you know where kids’classes are located.

We ease into Sunday services with coffee and snacks. Our worship team calls us to attention with singing, followed by kids being dismissed to their classes. Our pastor then teaches from the Bible and shows us how it’s relevant to our lives today. Services last about an hour and are always wrapped up by lunchtime.

To hear what a Sunday service is like, listen to a recent message from our pastor. And if you’re curious about the music, tune in to 88.9 Shine FM.

Whatever feels comfortable. At Southwinds Church, you’ll see people wearing everything from t-shirts and shorts to dresses and button-up shirts.

Yes! Kids are dismissed to age-appropriate classes on Sundays after our worship set (usually two or three songs). They’ll sing more songs, play games and learn about Jesus. 

Great question! We encourage you to check out our Life Groups and classes to get connected and learn more about our church family. We also have opportunities for you to volunteer in lots of ways.