Life Groups are small groups of people getting together to study the Bible, pray and serve. We form these groups because they are important to developing a strong faith and local community and to be sent out to serve our city.

Alpha Online Course 
Wednesdays 7pm


Leaders: Gordon Grieve and Elaine Shaneyfelt

This is an 11 week online course to explore the Christian faith and answering life’s biggest questions!

We will be starting a new course in September 2022. Registration will open in August.

Men’s Life Group
Sundays 9am
 Meeting in the Legacy Room @ Southwinds Church

Leader: Brynn Wettergreen

Study: “One At A Time”

Without a doubt, Jesus is the person who has made the biggest difference in all of history. So, how did Jesus make such a difference in this world? If we study the story of his life as recorded in the Gospels, there are a number of answers we could highlight, but there’s one particular phrase that captures how Jesus had such an impact, and this phrase is how he wants to use us to make a difference: one at a time. Making a difference isn’t measured by a viral post or a name on a building. It isn’t determined by a following or a fan base. Making a difference isn’t dependent on what’s in your bank account or who’s in your contacts. Want to make a difference? Focus on the one. That’s it. That’s the secret of the way of Jesus. One at a time.

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 Sunday Life Group

Sundays 3pm 

 In person

Leaders: Bo and Rachel Neal

Study: Book of John

We would love for you to join us for our Sunday Life group as we read through and explore the book of John together!  Each week men and women will share from our individual time in God’s Word leading up to each meeting. Study begins May 15, 2022. We meet at the home of Bo and Rachel Neal.

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Women’s Life Group
Tuesdays 8-9pm

Leader: Rachel Neal
In a world that is unsure of where to find truth or purpose, the book of Acts stands apart. It reveals God’s plan for global redemption, his purpose for our lives, and the power he has given us to accomplish his mission.
Join pastor Louie Giglio in this eight-session series as he walks through the story of the early church. Acts may have been written two thousand years ago, but God is calling us to be a part of that story today.

Women’s Life Group
Wednesdays 9:30am 


Leaders: Heather Fraser and Lisa Landry

Study: The Power of a Praying Woman

This ladies group will be doing the study on The Power of a Praying Women by Stormie Omartian. “It may seem easier to pray for your spouse, your children, your friends, and your extended family, but God wants to hear your requests for life too.” Discover the power of prayer! The study will go through the May 25.

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Youth Life Group
Wednesdays 1-2 times a month (weeks vary)

Leader: Meagan McKeage

Youth grades 7-12 are gather 1-2 times a month to hang out and go through Bible Study together. Click on the “I’m interested” button below, fill out the form, and we can get you more info on the next gathering!

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