The Story of the Bible:

CREATION: God made the world and everything in it.  He made us in his image to know and love him, to walk with him and worship him.

FALL: Humanity disobeyed God; sin and brokenness have plagued every generation since.  All have sinned and the payment for sin is death.

RESCUE: Because of his great love for us, God sent his own Son, Jesus Christ, on a rescue mission to deliver us.  Fully God and fully man, Jesus died in our place on the cross.  He then rose from the dead, victorious over evil, sin, and death.

RESTORATION: Jesus promised to return and make all things new.  As King, he will cast away all that is evil, and live with his people forever.

RESPONSE: Turn from your sin, trust in Jesus, and follow him as your King.  His indwelling Spirit will give you forgiveness and eternal life!