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Look around you. In our culture today, there is more division than there is unity. Some division is trivial. Some is life changing. And yet, into this landscape, the Gospel speaks a profound truth: in Christ, we are united. We are together.

Do you know the difference between friendship and fellowship? Are you unified with others, regardless of your differences, by your common love for Christ? Do you lead out into culture, as one, motivated by the mission of advancing the Gospel? Attend SYC 2019 and learn how to embrace a Christ-centered community: TOGETHER.

Summer Youth Celebration (SYC) is a summer camp held at Prairie Bible College in Three Hills. We offer the opportunity for students to experience Christ through worship, discipleship, community and adventure. It is our belief that God loves everyone individually, and desires to have a personal relationship with them. Our prayer is that students will be able to focus on that relationship during their time at camp.

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